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Pitikwé Skatepark

FLO RIDA - Learn to Skate Sessions

FLO RIDA - Learn to Skate Sessions

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FREE DROP-IN Thursdays from 4-7pm

Flo Rida is hosted by Morgan, a local Winnipeg skateboarder and seasoned skate instructor. With a passion for cultivating solid foundations, refining styles, and boosting confidence on the board, Morgan believes that the skills learned in skateboarding extend far beyond the pavement.

With two years of experience in one-on-one lessons, group programs, and community workshops – both with Sk8 Skates and her personalized initiative, Skateboarding with Morgo – Morgan is dedicated to making skateboarding accessible to everyone.
She understands the profound link between skateboarding and mental health, personal development, and self-esteem, recognizing the importance of fostering connections within the community. Join Morgan on "Flo Rida Thursdays," a free introduction to skate program, where she looks forward to welcoming new skaters and helping you roll into a world of fun and skill development!

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