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Pitikwé Skatepark

1:1 Skate Lesson

1:1 Skate Lesson

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Pitikwé Skatepark is now offering private, one-on-one lesson slots as we expand our team of instructors! Each lesson is tailored to the goals and needs of the individual student. From first-timers to advanced riders, this is a great option for those looking to:

  • maximize and expedite progression
  • correct and replace unhelpful habits with practical solutions 
  • troubleshoot and deconstruct tricks 
  • recognize their potential and take their skateboarding to the next level 
  • build confidence and self-empowerment on the board, and
  • refine their style and technique! 

1:1 lessons will be booked in one hour time slots and will cover safety and skatepark etiquette, warmups, basic foundational work, trick-specific tips and support, line-building strategies, and mentality/visualization techniques to boost progression. Instructors will also provide suggestions for "homework" at the end of the lesson to encourage independent progression. All ages and skill levels welcome, and location can be adjusted to accommodate to the student's goals and preferred obstacles. 

Instructors are experienced, detail-oriented, patient, and have completed Canada Skateboard "Start Pushing" instructor trainings. 

NOTE: Once lesson has been booked, default location will be set to The Forks Plaza Skatepark. Please check your email for instructor's contact info to discuss preferred location. 


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